Frances and Sam Fried Holocaust Education Fund
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Dr. Waitman W.Beorn, PhD Assistant Professor of History &
Frances and Louis Blumkin Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies with the
Frances and Sam Fried Holocaust Education Fund at UNO

have created a unique partnership that will impact the learning and lives of students
across the state for generations to come.

The Frances and Sam Fried Holocaust and Genocide Education Fund formerly The Heartland Holocaust Educational Fund is a non-profit entity in partnership with the University of Nebraska in Omaha to provide funding for Holocaust and Genocide education courses to institutions of higher learning across the Heartland. You can learn more about the Fund's educational mission in the Holocaust Education section and at the

Please explore our site using the links above by reading stories from the survivors and seeing images of the brutal conditions of the Holocaust, it is our hope that people of all ages learn from the past to help protect our future. To contact the Heartland Holocaust Educational Fund, or to donate and help us spread our educational message, please click here .

Thank you.


Frances and Sam Fried

Board of Directors

Ken Bird Chairman
Chris Blumkin
David Brown
Nate Dodge
Sam Fried
Dr. B.J.Reed
Kimberly Robinson

Charter Members
Alan Simon
Mort Glass
Bill Ramsey
Dr. Ronald Roskens

Executive Director Emeritus
Susan B. Fried